Liorah Wichser

Liorah Wichser

Principal and Designer, Blue Tiger Studio


Hi, I’m Liorah.

In 2014, I formed an LLC called Blue Tiger Studio, working closely with clients to create beautiful, meaningful and useful websites. I primarily design and build using Divi Builder on WordPress. I also do graphic design to create unique solutions for digital marketing and print. I am highly proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, using Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign regularly.

In 2020, I took on a contract with SNAP Financial Access to do consulting and instruction of digital marketing courses as a part of a Covid-19 relief program. My other clients include Community-Minded Enterprises, the Kalispel Tribe, NAMI Spokane, Goodwill, Inland Imaging, Walker Construction, Whatcom Humane Society, and many other small businesses and non-profits located in Washington, Idaho, and Alaska.

I volunteer as the VP for the North Monroe Business District Board. In that role I started the ArtWalk on Monroe to help promote the arts while also creating more foot-traffic for local businesses on the corridor. I also designed and still manage the NMBD website, and do much of their graphic design deliverables.

There is a link between fine art and graphic design, and I have done both. As a child, growing up in Alaska, I dreamed of becoming an artist, and found a way to study in Italy, France, and New York City. I even sold my artwork in Seattle in 2001, but the difficulty of making a living with fine art pushed me into a regular job, where I learned the art of business and finance. My artistic background has come in handy in other ways. In 2018, when my business was struggling to get enough clients, I took a second job as an art instructor at Painting with a Twist. This proved my ability to stand up confidently in front of a class and teach, even reluctant students, to create art.

In Oct. 2022, I was approached by Brand It Advertising to join their team as a full time web designer. It was time for a change, so I switched from running Blue Tiger Studio from my home office, to driving out to the agency in Spokane Valley for my daytime hours. Over the years I have collaborated with many of the big design and marketing firms in Spokane, including QUINN Group, Klűnt & Hosmer, BHW1 (now AmpliFi Advertising), and Zipline. I also was a member of the American Advertising Federation and my design was featured in the 2015 promotion for Red Shoe.

Prior to my years as small business owner and website designer, I was an internal corporate communications specialist at Sterling Bank. And before coming to Spokane in 2007, I worked as a fundraiser at the University of Washington and raised millions in private gifts and endowments during a 7-year capital campaign. Additionally, I have done work as a clothing designer for various contracts over the years.

I believe in being a life-long learner, as well as teaching others what I’ve learned. I’ve mentored interns and done on-the-job training for many of my employees and contractors. Clear expectations, organization, and good communications are key, as well as having a sense of humor.

Please let me know if you would like to meet!

A creative entrepreneur who started Rocketwear, Blue Tiger Studio, the Native American Sewing Company, and Nayeli Clothing.

I think about new business venture ideas all the time. I can’t help it. I also tried to start a company called the Green Store to specialize in alternative energy products for the home. Then there was the Cider House idea to have a restaurant and apple cider brewing company together. I also wanted to start a program that helped unemployed people work for small businesses while still receiving some financial benefits to help both the business and the employees succeed. Unfortunately, none of these ideas became reality. But I still dream of doing business in a way that is more than about just making money, I love the idea of making my local economy improve and helping people around me to be more successful.

Yes, I did have “regular” jobs. I worked full time as a communications specialist at Sterling Bank from 2007-2012. Prior to that I did fundraising for the University of Washington, working for the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering and Department of Biology from 2001-2007. Recently I worked at Painting with a Twist as an art instructor/entertainer. Put me in any situation and I will swim.

I moved to Spokane and bought a house in 2007. I’ve been a strong member in my community, including serving as council president for Emerson-Garfield neighborhood for three years.

I come from an influential family, valuing fairness and justice. I see so many injustices around me right now. It is hard to take the issues that hurt me and my family, but I am a fighter for others in need too.

I love nature. I grew up in wilds of Juneau, AK where the northern lights reveal the magic of nature that still keeps me spellbound. I like to get outdoors to run, bike, ski and swim whenever time allows.

I am a mother and a wife too. My urban farmhouse and family keep me juggling work and design time. We have 10 egg-laying hens, a big garden, and I often have extra children over to do fun creative projects with my daughter. I prepare amazing healthy meals from our garden. Work life balance has become its own art form.

Each day is a new adventure…